Jeep Safari


SUPER JEEPNowadays Jeep Safaris are gaining popularity, especially in continents of Asia and Africa . It makes the tour more adventurous. Helps explore the unexplored parts of the inland. Dust, dirt and rough paths are part and parcel of the live jeep safaris experience. One can hire a single jeep or convey of jeeps.






jeep-safari-bigAll jeeps can collect you at the hotel or at any predetermined collection spot. In a single jeep normally four persons can sit (possibly five) and a driver with a license. An experienced leader leads the convoy of jeeps over slops, mountains, and forests, in the beautiful landscape and route along the coast. Afternoon lunch at a nice tavern or barbecue on the beach can be enjoyed.






Desert-Safari-Trip-by-JeepPlanning a jeep safari for the adventure tour to India is a good decision. This tour will take you to remote and hidden destinations, forbidden regions of the Himalayas and caravan routes. One can opt for the hot Thar Desert of Rajasthan or the cold deserts of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir . Jeep Safari in the state of Rajasthan takes you nearer to local people and one can easily experience their lifestyle and culture, participate in the rural game and interact with them.





getImage (65) Likewise, one can reach the sand dunes and set up a night camp, thus making the tour more adventurous. Resting in tents, sharing fables with the local guide, stuffing ethnic Rajasthani treats, basking a bonfire night will certainly make the time memorable.

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