Port Ghalib



Enjoy a trek into the desert on this off-road tour that highlights the sights and culture of the Arabian Desert.
Starting off from the pier, you’ll board your 4X4 vehicles and take a scenic drive from the port of Porto Ghaleb you will leave the paved road and drive into the Eastern (Arabian) Desert. With its desolate, rough terrain and stark rock-strewn outcrops, the natural environment of the desert provides excellent photo opportunities.





1157378256Your destination is a remote Bedouin settlement where upon arrival; you will be warmly welcomed by the hospitable nomads. During your visit, you’ll have the chance to explore the camp and learn about the Bedouin history and culture, as well as sample their aromatic sweet tea and flat unleavened bread.From a rocky slope on a nearby hill, you can experience the mesmerizingly beautiful vista of the desert as it stretches out before you.Following a relaxing visit of approximately 2-hours, you will rejoin your vehicle and made the return journey to Port Ghalib .

 All Of this will Cost 25 euros for the car up to 3 person  for Book Directly Press Here




1157378261At the turn of the first millennium a young man named Ghalib, the son of a poor tailor, had become a well to-do spice merchant. As fate would have it, he fell in love with a girl named Budour, the most beautiful maiden in Kathima. Budour’s father agreed to the marriage of Ghalib and his daughter on one condition: Ghalib must pay double the dowry another suitor had promised. Ghalib agreed, and in doing so he made a mortal enemy of Salim who had previously been promised to Budour.






2226789_75_z-190x126Undeterred, Ghalib arrived safely in the bay and in doing so cut almost a week off the established spice route to the Mediterranean. After his daring success other merchants began to use the bay. It was then that Ghalib decided to found a new port at this little known village. Soon, Port Ghalib had a bustling harbour and Ghalib had enough money to pay the dowry and build his bride, Budour, a beautiful palace. Furious, the jealous Salim again mislead the governor of Aidhab and convinced him to attack Port Ghalib with armed ships. The situation was grim for the outnumbered merchants of Port Ghalib as the Aidhab fleet descended on them.





76049_1475703972169_1220818811_31066470_1418102_nSuddenly, out of the mist, there appeared a ghost ship. A second ghost ship appeared a few moments later, then another, then ten more. All the while the oarsmen of the ancient ships chanted in a tongue no one had heard before.  Terrified, the Aidhab sailors hoisted their tall sails and sped away, never to return. And for the next 500 hundred years Port Ghalib thrived and the Legend of Ghalib was woven into the tapestry of time, never to be forgotten.













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