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No words more than you will enjoy best Dolphin House Tours in Marsa Alam, swimming with dolphins and dicover new type of crystal and clear water in the Red Sea with All Tours Egypt. Discover the spinner dolphin lives in Sha’ab Samadai, Lunch onboard and make another snorkel stop in the Sha’ab Samadi and at the end drive back to your Hotel

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start your snorkeling tour in dolphin house also known as Sha’ab Samadai, you have 2 stops for snorkeling every one for 45 minutes, and you will enjoy snorkeling beside the dolphins and coral reefs as well.

The coral reef is very beautiful and amazing moreover the crystal clear water is one of the most beautiful underwater places in all over the world.

Short boat ride from the beach to discover the spinner dolphin lives in Sha’ab Samadai and you will be more than lucky if you see it beside you in the water, lunch onboard and back to another snorkeling trip under the water with your guide.

At the end of your tour in dolphin house from Marsa Alam, back to your hotel. End of our services


There is probably a seasonal element also which determines your chance. Earlier studies have shown that the average population number of dolphins at the reef is at its’ lowest between February and April but then reaches a peak in the May to July period some six to eight times greater than the winter/spring minimum. Numbers then recede gradually during the autumn until the winter. TripAdvisor comments also seem to indicate that visitors in the summer tend to be luckier but there is no absolute rule as sheer luck still plays a big role..


Samadai reef forms a horse shoe shape 1.4km long and 1km wide with a shallow sandy partially enclosed lagoon at the northern end of around 6-7 metres in depth and around 350 X 400 metres surface area, providing a shelter with calm quiet water for the resting dolphins.The surface reef lies to the north and east of the lagoon shielding it from the prevailing northerly winds but the dolphins need only two minutes to swim to the open waters with the reef dropping gradually down to 15 metres depth near its’ southern edge but then with sudden steep drop-offs descending to 200 metres on the western and 600 metres on the eastern side.It is however a very safe place for swimming providing you follow the advice you will be given on arrival and the sea at Dolphin House is beautifully warm year round (23C in January and 29C in August) while the underwater visibility is excellent at up to 30 metres.Divers will be well rewarded as there is a beautiful underwater cave-like canyon on the western edge of the lagoon which takes about five to ten minutes to swim through.And you won’t be disappointed if you don’t see dolphins because the reef is also home to a highly diverse range of flora and fauna, hard and soft coral, occasional barracuda and reef sharks (in deeper waters) as well as a myriad of fish species.One of the underwater highlights, not far from the anchorage, is an amazing “amenon city” – plant-like animals with poisonous (too touch) tentacles – with a large number of colourful clownfish. Remember the star of the animation film “Finding Nemo” – Now you’ve got the picture ! Divers and swimmers should be cautious and carefully follow your guide’s advice, as although the lagoon is generally a relatively sheltered and safe place to swim with mostly light currents, there are places around the reef where the currents can be strong..


The spinner dolphin population at Samadai, although usually around sixty, can vary greatly on a daily basis from as few as three to as many as 210 one day in 2004 ( according to The Journal of the Marine Biological Association ) and 176 on a single day in 2012 ( Trip Advisor Dolphin House Forum 24.12.12 ).Some of the extra numbers are sometimes made up of occasional (once or twice per year) visitors but the majority frequent the reef on a year round basis.When you arrive you may well catch a sight of some spinners surfacing to breath. However you may be surprised to learn that some of them may be asleep.Dolphins do not enjoy the same depth of sleep as humans as their breathing has to be done in a conscious manner and marine biologists have observed that they sleep with one half of their brain alert while the other rests. So as they sleep they continue to swim slowly and surfacing regularly to breathe.However you will often encounter active dolphins especially by early afternoon. They are extraordinarily playful and there are even accounts of these dolphins enjoying surfing near the reef.”I spent a wonderful time watching the divers surfing with the dolphins up and down the waves,” recounts one visitor on TripAdvisor “My abiding memory was all of us sitting (and watching from) the boat doing “high 5s.” ( Swingingsultan 31 January 2012 ) .


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